jd garrett

Born in Connecticut - Currently living in northern Nevada.

JD Garrett has been a freelance and fine art photographer for 25+ years with an emphasis on large format and mixed media art creation.  

The old Pentax 35mm started it all in the 1980's. JD now focuses on large format film as well as digital DSLR and mixed media artwork. "Technology doesn't take or make great images. All the digital gear on the planet can't fix a sub-par image. Sound fundamentals and composition helps to structure images and capture, the first time, the image I want to present."

 "I've always been fascinated by still imagery. I particularly have a passion for large format film, digital, and mixed media. The familiar and comfortable life-sized, large-format images almost allow you to step inside, much like a window or doorway. Being very visually oriented I'm always searching for the way light, colors, shapes, and shadows come together and create, for me, art and provocative imagery. Photography leads me to places I wouldn't have otherwise gone. It's in those places I find limitless possibilities, memories, and forever captured images."

JD's photography and artworks are offered on museum quality, acid-free, archival papers. Please contact us for more details, options, questions, concerns... Thanks for visiting  jdgarrett.com